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World famous manufacturer and supplier of anatomical models, charts and osteological accessories for educational and medical applications for over 50 years.

Our Mission

Osta International is committed to providing legally and ethically obtained natural bone osteological specimens as well as the finest replica specimens to the educational, medical and research communities.
All natural skulls and skeletons are un-conditionally guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you can return it. Prices are FOB factory and subject to change without notice.

Our goal is to continue to produce quality products that will assist you in your teaching. Thank you for your interest in our company.

We will be happy to hear from you, assuring you our best service at all times.

Hans Ruediger, President


After finishing business school in Berlin, Germany 1961, the founder Hans Ruediger became the youngest member of the BVA Berlin to manage the department of educational products (medical and dental models). 1965, after marriage to Ursel Ruediger a graduate of MTA, a degree as medical technician they decided to establish their own enterprise (Lehrmittelanstalt) in West Berlin. 1967 they immigrated to New York and established Ostan Company.

Osta (previously) registered in New York, U.S.A. under the name Ostan Co. 1967 conducted business until 1970 at which time relocated in Bayreuth, Germany under the same came Ostan Co. A move to Canada in 1974 registered Ostan to a new name of Osta International in White Rock, B.C., Canada and later incorporated to Osta Anatomy Inc. The range of products increased with more realistic synthetic models of Anatomy coming to market. The former president of the company, Mr. Hans Detlef Ruediger retired in 2000 and the present personal manager Co-owner is Mr. Christian Ruediger.

Hans and Ursel Ruediger
Seattle , WA 1976
Local newspaper from convention
Winnipeg, Manitoba 1978
Mike Bugera technician
Hans and Ursel Ruediger ant convention
Los Angeles , California March 30
Hans Ruediger with prospective buyer
New York 1980

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